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Background Checks Overview

What are background checks?

Background checks are a critical component of any children’s ministry. They provide a layer of protection to ensure the safety of the children in your care. Background checks can help to identify any potential risks that may exist due to the past behavior of a volunteer or employee. They also provide peace of mind to parents and guardians that their children are in a safe environment and that those working with them have been vetted for any inappropriate behavior in the past. Additionally, background checks can help to ensure that all volunteers and employees are properly trained and qualified for their roles.

How does Empower Help Track Background Checks?

In Empower, background checks are attached to Adults (People-level) who serve in Activities where your church requires them.

When an adult is added to that activity, Empower automatically adds the background check fields to their record under People>Demographics.

If the person does not have an up-to-date background check, they will also be flagged as needing a background check update.

This alert is found on their record, in the dashboard tile, and in reports.