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Basic Navigation of Empower

You’ve conquered getting set up! Now, let’s get familiar with the layout of Empower.  New Software can be intimidating to navigate.  We’ll set some landmarks for you to become acquainted with.  Before long, you’ll be right at home.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the landing page after sign-in.  It’s full of colored tiles that provide you with overviews, summaries, and notifications.  It will help start your day and also keep you informed at a glance.

To return to the Dashboard while working in Empower, simply click the Empower logo in the top left-hand corner of the Top Menu.

Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane is on the far left side of your screen*.  

The Navigation Pane helps you select the household, person, or data set that you would like to view details of.  

For example, you will find an alphabetical list of names in the Navigation Pane on the Households page.  These are the Households in your database.  Choose one of these names to see/add/to edit their details.  

Detail Pane

Once you navigate to the desired Household, person, or dataset, selecting them will bring up the details you have collected about them.  These details will show in the Detail Pane.  The Detail Pane is the largest area of your screen.  It includes multiple fields of data (sometimes referred to as ‘profile fields’).

Navigation Search

As your database grows, scrolling through profiles will become more and more difficult.  The Navigation Search will help.  

Navigation Search will search the titles of Households, People, Activities, Events, and Reports.  

Advanced Search

For a more detailed search, Empower is equipped with a powerful Advanced Search tool.  You will find this tool by clicking on the button just to the right of the Navigation Search bar.  The advanced search tool will bring up a pop-up where you can filter through options to search for a particular data set.  For example, when you need to search for the phone number that just called you but wasn’t saved in your phone, Advanced Search can help! Looking for all people born since July 5th, 2009? Advanced Search can help!

For more information on how Advanced Search works, click here to read the support article.

Page Menu

When you are working within a page (Households, People, etc.) You will find useful functions to that page on the Page Menu located just to the right of the page’s title.  

Profile Tabs

Profile Tabs are located in the Detail Pane once you’ve selected a Household, People, or Donor’s profile. These tabs act as folders containing different details for each profile. 

 If you have selected an individual on the People page, you will find a tab to show Contact information, Notes, and more. These tabs organize the Profile Fields so that it is easier to find the information you need.