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Adding a Household to Empower

After getting your Church details set up in Empower, one of the first things you’ll need to do is begin adding Households into the system.

If you are transitioning from PowerChurch Plus Software or another church management software, be sure to contact us about transferring that data for you. Our import function and our technical support team will be happy to help.
If you are importing from another software, Households might also be recognized as Families.

If you’re ready to add your first Household, let’s walk through those steps together.
Navigate to the Households page via Membership in the Top Menu. 

Add Household Button

Once you’ve arrived there, find the Page Menu. These are just right of the Page Title.

To add a Household, we will click on the Add button.

Adding Members to a Household

When you click Add, a pop-up window will appear. It will ask you to Enter the names of the people in the new household. Enter the names of each person by clicking on Add Another Member for each person needed. 

Household Roles

You can also set Roles for each person in the Household.

The default role will be Primary Adult. This designation will signify the head of household. You can set more than one Primary Adult per household. The alternative designation is a Child.

When you’ve finished entering people, click on the Next button.

Household Information

The next screen will prompt you for Household information. Remember, this is for everyone under the same roof or in the same family, not each individual.

People or Individual's Information

The next screen will allow you to put in specific information for each individual member of the household. You can edit names, gender, phone numbers, and more.
Be sure to click through each individual member on the left to edit their information. When you have completed each person, click on the Finish button.