Messaging Outbox / Sent Items

You’ve sent an email, a newsletter, or a text message.  That’s awesome!  Was it successful?

 Did it send?  How many people opened it?  Can’t remember who received what email?  

We’ve got you covered.  Let’s take a look at how we can view the sent and received messages in Empower.  

Navigate to Messaging in the top menu.  You will see two different “Outbox / Sent” options.  One for email and one for text messages.  However, they each work alike; text messaging will only show the delivery status and not the open rate.

For this, we’ll take a look at the email outbox. Click on the icon with the envelope.

Once there, you will see two profile tabs.  


The Summary tab will show you the email/newsletter sent and give the date created, sent, and show the delivery information.  


The Recipients tab will show the individual People/Households that the email was delivered and indicate whether the recipient opened it.   Clicking on the vertical ellipsis on the right, you can see additional information, including detailed tracking information.